Abraham & Thakore: Adding wit to cocktail dressing

The super sauve designer duo David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, a formidable force in the field of fashion reinvent shine in their collection Shimmer. Patterns inspired by African tribal paintings on metallic cotton fabric and bonded metallics layered and textured ensure edgy chic and comfort, an amalgamation that is the A&T DNA.
 A perfect mix of élan and edge notch up the style quotient in cocktail dressing.
David and Rakesh talk about their inspiration behind the collection and how important it is to tread into areas undiscovered.
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Having never seen shine in any of your collections this was definitely a step out from the A&T design principles and applications. What made you step out of your comfort zone?
Though we have flirted with a little shimmer and shine in older collections, it has not been a direction we have explored in any depth. This is probably one of the main reasons why we chose to explore a new direction. After so many years of so many
collections we like to set ourselves new challenges. Comfort zones can be dull!
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How did you incorporate shimmer in your collection? Through use of textiles or embroidery?
We were playing around with bonded fabrics and metallic foil film and then developed a metallic cotton fabric which is breathable and comfortable. This formed the basis of the structure we developed of both appliqué and embroidery.
Your muse or inspiration behind it?
We were looking for a little bling, but with a distressed, slightly organic feel.
How would you accessorize the collection?
Very simply. Minimum accessories, pulled back hair, a metallic sandal or shoe.
Elegance in metallics. You have the most uncanny eye even to make shine seem elegant and not over the top. How did you achieve that?
Perhaps the emphasis on having a slightly distressed and antiqued finish brought the shiny metallic textiles into a quieter space.
Geometric shapes play a definitive role in this collection. How did you incorporate it?
Much of the inspiration came from the tribal paintings of an African tribe. They draw powerful geometric shapes on bark cloth that are incredibly sophisticated and universal.
Your key pieces from the collection…
There are a couple of black dresses in the collection, one with frayed black silk on a gold foil and another which plays with the contrast between matte and shine andh layers black metallic foils on a matte black cotton voile base.
The positioning of textures and patterns on a garment sculpts and moulds the body giving it definition. How do you conceptualize that?
The patterns and drawings were worked in actual size onto the toiles that were then draped on to the dress forms.
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Making a cocktail dress comfortable and glam at the same time. How do you design keeping that in mind?
Easel is so important. If a fabric breathes and feels good against the skin, it makes a huge difference. Attitude is also important, evening wear can be worn relaxed. A shimmery caftan worn with flat gold thong sandals is also very glamorous!
Shimmer by Abraham and Thakore is now available on luxluxmoon.com

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