Christopher Bailey the creative director at Burberry recently stepped down form his role as CEO to foucs his energies on creativity again. And he did so by reinventing Burberry at the London Fashion week. Gone is the slickness and glamourous quotient of the past Burberry, in comes a plainer more simple clothing, extremely utiliranian.

Bailey used various social portraiture for inspiration, real scenes from everyday Britain, very mass to embrace diversity. An exmaple are the pop coloured raincoats or "mackintosh" that dominated the show along with printed patchwork patterns seen on sweaters and skirts, very English folklore. Faux fur is seen in the collection in the form of a pink coat which I understand created anti-fur protests. Yes, it was faux but still.

All formality is lost though Burberry yet retains its checks. But checks were showcased in a non glamorous fashion. More everyday on caps, coats almost functional. Bailey collaborated with Russian street wear designer Gosha Rubchinskiy who brought in a new range of customers. A dramatic shift in Burberry's look from the last season. Is that drastic a shift for Burberry justifiable? Is it necessary to change a brands design dynamics to keep in with the millenial trend?  Time will tell. 

Pictures: Burberry