Christopher Kane chanelled his collection for Spring18 at The London Fashion Week towards dometicity. Think clean, mop, dust, iron and laundry with perfect hair and nails. But what Kane also signified was a show of the superficial, the superficial that covers reality. Mops were interpreted in silk fringe on dresses, drying clips held garments together and raffia and nylon bin bags touched on things you’d find in the housekeeping aisle. 

The collection’s final segment featured evening dresses covered in crystals and decorated into cage-like structures. 
Sequins with frayed edges and garmetns falling apart added to the drama. The reality of a "perfect" housewife was exemplified. Does fashion have to be so dramatic it's no more fashion? Should drama overpower the basic essence of a fashion showcase? It seemed so in the case of Christopher Kane.

Pictures : Christopher Kane