I have been waiting for Louis Vuitton's first ever airport boutique in South Asia to open. Travelling during the festive break, I chanced upon visiting this week old opened duplex store. I was not dissapointed. My trip from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3 just to take a look at the store was worth the trouble and time. Of course I coudn't help but shop for a "new store souvenier". (more on that later on my insta handle @asafetypin)

Located in the Crystal Garden at the Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Departure Transit Hall, you can't miss this boutique with it's stunning architecture. Inspired by artistic floral centrepieces, it is impeccably dotted with tiered garden beds featuring a curated selection of flora and spheres of artisan glass sculptures.

A 6.5 metre-tall LED screen showcases an exclusive film created for the store. The store’s façade is made up of two layers, glass and copper diamonds inspired by the house’s Monogram flower.

I love how the theme of travel is carried through the store, from the the life size model replica of a French plane to the little “flying copters” that carry Louis Vuitton trunks. The flying machines take you back to Pierre and Jean Vuitton's tie up with a engine manufacturrer and their experimental helicopters which were showcased at the Paris air show in 1910.

The store is well curated. The Noe epi leather handbags are only available at the duplex airport store currently, in three cruise colours as seen above: bright red with blue accents, navy blue with red accents and baby pink with red accents. They are priced at approximately 2500 SGD each.

The second floor of the store has the archival Louis Vuitton trunks on display and a historical recap of the significance and association of flying and Louis Vuitton.

If you are travelling, make sure to soak in the Vuitton experience. It will make your travel even more memorable.