Maria Grazia Chiuri gets it right once again giving the house of Dior her own spin. Inspired by the artist in Monsieur Dior (who was a gallerist before he entered the world of fashion) Maria Grazia Chiuri explored the Surrealists in Dior’s circle, especially women like Leonor Fini and Lee Miller.

Surrealism dominated the decor and fashion.  The usual location of Musee Rodin was transformed by mirrored ceiling, chessboard floor and walls draped in stucco-ed fabric. Dali paintings – lips, eyes, nose, hands – rendered huge in classical white plaster casts, floated overhead. Maria's impeccably designed couture was monochrome. Black and white being the colours of the subcoscious, a theory passionately embraced by the surrealists.

Dresses in black and white domino started the show. Lattices being an integral part of surrealist art, were defined by underpinned tulle, or added spine to chiffon. What I truly loved about the show: the to-die-for pantsuits. Chiuri gave the bar jacket her own stamp making the ivory and black the most coveted numbers in her collection. Another favourite was bustier dress with pages of white organza trimmed in black. A cape was elaborately embellished with white feathers and flowers that was pure fantasy. While black and white graphic ensembles demonstrated discipline in her thought. An amalgamation of a fantasy and discipline in poroportion and embellishment, truly a work of art. As is her entire couture collection.