In how many ways can a Lady Dior bag be created?

Created in 1995, the First Lady of France gave it to Princess Diana as a gift. Princess Diana fell in love with it instantly and ordered it in every colour and skin imaginable, and so a legend was born. The "Lady Dior As Seen By' exhibit reinterprets the iconic bag through the vision of artists across the world. By using different materials and colours with imagination that raises the bar of creativity it truly connects fashion and art.

I had the privilidge of seeing this exhibit at The Art Basel held in Hongkong last week. The bags were trasformed into pieces of art in the form of 3D, film, photographs and paintings. These are a few of my favourites that change the bag into a extraordinary art yet retaining the Dior heritage.

By Liu Jianhua; Lady Dior Handbag, Ceramic and Gold Paint

By Olympia Scarry; The Lady Has Arrived, Cameo Glass

Liu Chen Hung, Mid-summer Night Sroll; Iron and Neon Light

Kum Chi Keung; Lady Bird, Bamboo Bird Cages

Seonghi Bahk; Existence - A Splendid Outing; Charcoal, Gold Paper

Carla Mattii; 3D; Sintered Nylon Powder

Liu Chih Hung; Mid-Summer Night Stroll; Iron, Neon Light

Youkyeong Oh; Moving Bag; Bronze Plated Stainless Steel

Kate Mccgwire; Squirm, Mixed Media with Pheasant Feathers in Glass Case

Copyright image: asafetypin