Before you venture out to soak Rome's beautiful art and architecture, when in Rome do what Romans do: gorge on the gelatos. Here are Rome's five best gelaterias:

Located on the top of the Spanish Steps with the most gorgeous views and gelato flavors to match it, this gelateria is the perfect place for lunch and shopping thereafter.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Luciana, 29/Centro/06 687 6606

Unusual and creative taste of combinations like fennel, honey, almond milk, mint and ginseng.

Piazza Degli Zingari, 5/Monti/06 4890 6955

Located just near the extraordinary Piazza Novona with its resplendent Bernini sculpture, be ready for a double treat of ice and architecture, when you succumb to this gelato. It is perfect in its texture with innumerable flavors to pick from.

Via Di San Simone, 70/ Navona/064547 4880

An array of seasonal flavours pack a cold punch. Flavors to die for.

Largo Arenula, 27/ Campo/ 06 6880 8054

The most sublime gelato and pastries. Their sorbets are equally good and the lemon one simply is the perfect cooler on a hot day.

Via Uffici Del Vicario, 40/ Pantheon/ 06 699 1243

Pic courtesy: Fatamorgana, Giolitti, Corona