Lucia Pica, the recently appointed global creative designer for make-up launched her first collection for Chanel this fall, Le Rouge Collection No 1.

Growing up in Naples where a pallate of colors is not enough to describe the skies and where nature encompasses innumerable shades of reds and yellows, her childhood was spent coloring within lines with a lipstick rather than crayons.

"Everything I see eventually becomes a lipstick - I see make-up in everything." - Lucia Pica

Her creative approach to make-up is inspired by women who do things with a strong conviction and are not afraid to be themselves. Inspiration also comes from art and the people she meets. Women with strong personalities and character use make-up to express themselves, which is always inspiring to her.

In this collection the color red is used in various ways. Shades of red or color like browns and taupes with underlying shades of red. The idea of a diverse range as this is to mix the colors together. It is not restricted to traditional techniques of make-up where the highlighter is applied on the top and the dark shades at the corners. One can mix and match to create an effect as desired. The first matt textured make-up for chane,l this palate is all about mixing, blending and creating. Use your imagination ladies...

As Mademoiselle Chanel said, " Put your red lipstick on and attack."

Red stands for power and feminity. This collection is about the color red, evoking various emotions, sensuality, sexuality, innocence and desire. Red is used in its classic manner on lips and cheeks ad even as a shade of the chanel eyeliner.

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