This season of giving brings exquisite beauty products every year. Intricately designed they serve as perfect holiday gifts for that beauty queen. My favourite ones to covet this holiday season:

LA MER - La Mer Case by Boucheron

House your precious La Mer Crème in this gorgeous case, created by famous French jeweler Boucheron. The mother-of-pearl jar features Boucheron signature gold-plated "Clous de Paris" and is topped with a blue cabochon stone, which is a nod to La Mer's sea-mineral-infused formulas. Note that the made-to-order piece takes three months to handcraft.

TOM FORD - Killan Voulez Eau de Parfum
The chic black case features an edgy-glam gold snake — perfect for holiday soirées. The scent, which is part of Kilian's The Garden of Good and Evil collection, has sweet-musky notes of ylang-ylang, neroli, vanilla, and sandalwood. The perfect gift this season of giving.

DIOR - Dior Prestige Le Cure Set 
You will see radiant skin in 21 days. Each serum is meant to be used for one week, back-to-back, offering immediate anti-aging results. The formula relies on the star ingredient, Rose de Granville from the the Dior Gardens.

BALMAIN - Balmain Paris Hair Couture Infrared Blow Dryer

If you can't remember to put your blow dryer away, then at least get a fancy fashion-forward one. This Balmain one looks sleek and uses infrared heat, which reduces hair damage by speeding up the process.

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Candle
Some of your favorite Tom Ford fragrances, like Oud Wood, are available in candle form. So run a bubble bath, light this sensual wicker, and let the smoky aroma fill the room. It features notes of oud wood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean, and amber.