The first ever planned city of India, Jaipur, The Pink City, is a name that was bestowed in 1896 after the city was painted in the colour of hospitality to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. Be it the magnificent jewels, impeccable royal service or the the city's unbeatable architecture splendour, it's unmatched magic and royalty is an experience to revel in. Here's the best of Jaipur:

A stay at the quintessentially luxe Rambagh Palace, once a residential palace of the maharajah makes you believe you are one starting with a ceremonious welcome, decorated elephants, camel and all. Built in 1835, its elegant rooms, marbled corridors and majestic gardens echo history and tradition. Beautiful dining areas, heritage walks in the palace, an exclusive spa and service fit for a king make it a truly memorable experience. Relive a bygone era.

Another must-sleep is the newly refurbished Sujan Rajmahal Palace. Once a private home of the Maharajah, the palace has been given a makeover after almost three centuries by Princess Divya kumari, the Maharaja's daughter and Adil Ahmad the interior designer and co-creator of Good Earth - India's luxe interior design store. The double storey art deco building houses vibrant wallpapered surface and interiors detailed to perfection, complimenting rich furnishings and art deco furniture. Beautiful chandeliers illuminate intricately woven carpets and 10 feet high paintings of exotic birds, maharajahs all accompanied by impeccable service fit for royalty.

Sujan Rajmahal Palace

Rambagh Palace

Anupama Bose's explosion of colour in textiles in the form of leheriya (a traditional method of tie and dye) incorporated in contemporary and traditional clothing.

Ratan: Beautiful decor knickknacks, tunics and furnishings encompass the block printing technique of Jaipur with contemporary styling.

Munnu - The Gem Palace
Located above the Gem Palace boutique, is the private atelier of the legendary Munnu Kasliwal who was acclaimed for designing the most dramatically beautiful fine jewels. His son Siddharth Kasliwal trained with his father, now carries the baton creating new jewels and completing unfinished ones, causing a sensation among jewellery connoisseurs. He meticulously handpicked the finest of rubies debating with his brother and us which shade and size would be a perfect finishing touch to the jewel I had chosen.

The Gem Palace
The most iconic jewellery boutique in India, traces its roots back to 1852 and is run by the Sanjay Kasliwal family. Court jewellers to the Mughal emperors, they still service royal clientele and the rich and famous. Located in the family haveli, wooden cabinets gleaming with jewels, intricately hand-crafted reflecting the rich heritage of Indian jewellery design, remind one of Aladdin's cave.

It's handcrafted pieces and tribal jewellery make great statement pieces. Rooted deep in heritage all the jewels are ethnic chic.

Tholia Kubers
Known for reviving India's traditional kundan (enamel) jewellery, uncut diamonds and stones are set into layers of 22k gold and reverse surface just as beautiful. 

The beautiful sound and light show at the AMBER FORT enraptures you with its mystique and enriches you with history. A sight to see. An elephant ride to the top of Amber Fort makes it even more special.

The City Palace encapsulates Jaipur's History. The beautiful peacock gate is stunning.

The Balloon Safari by An incredibly majestic view of Jaipur awaits you. Scenic.

Kishanlal Lassiwala

The best lassi in India served in earthen mugs. Perfect way to start your jewellery shopping as it's located right next to The Gem Palace.

Sujan Rajmahal Palace
Gorgeous interiors, incredible service, delicious food. Rajasthani and international cuisine served in royal style.

Bar Palladio

Gorgeous decor yet again. Perfect for a drink and night out.

Rambagh Palace
Romance the night away with dinner and drinks.

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