Le15 Pâtissere and Café, founded by Pooja Dhingra, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, offers Mumbai a taste of the best of Paris. 
On my recent trip to Mumbai nothing satisfied my sweet tooth more than Le15 Pâtissere's cupcakes, tarts, macrons and choux pastries.

I frequented the café in Coalba, right behind the Taj. The decor has Parisian sensibilities - a monochrome look, patterned tiles to give it a vintage edge, accentuated with a pop of pink for that french vibe. The desserts and coffee complete the French experience.

Fashion and Food: Fendi pumps and Burberry denims.

Red Velvet cupcakes

Pink lattes anyone?

Choux pastries

My favourites: The Belgian cupcake: Rich chocolate, perfect frosting and the cake underneath is soft and rich in flavour.
3 bean salad:  It encompasses the freshest of ingredients, the dressing perfect for a tang on the taste buds.

I arrive to pick up a coffee and dessert at the cafe's busiest time. I get served immediately in spite of the rush-time frenzy and orders flowing in by the second with an ever obliging, courteous staff. Definately not found in any French café. Bon Appétit !