“You project your own emotion into a picture; what you want to see. So I wanted to catch that dream. And so, this collection is made with all the dreams of couture, all the craft and colours. It’s all about couture in the way I was wondering about couture.” 
- Pierpaolo Picollo for Valentino Haute Couture 2018

Big billowing pastel capes and dramatic ruffles dominated the runways. Picciolo freely jumped between eras and references, creating a collection where every look was its own story, character literally radiating from every garment. A beautiful ruffled black gown cascading in ruffles looked right out of the Victorian era, while woolen trousers had a very mordern look.

I loved the bows around the neck and waist, long coats and colour blocking. Beautifully paired colour in contrasts and impeccable tailoring created absolute glamour.

His collection was dedicated to the 75 people employed in the haute couture department. He named each look after them like Silvia, Paolo, Laura and many others. The jewellery took the shape of hands and scissors, emphasizing on the work these incredible people put in.

“We think of them as hands but behind every pair of hands are people and unique stories,” Piccioli said. “When I walk through the atelier and it’s not completely done, I see the humanity of couture. I wanted to freeze that moment in the process to keep it everything alive. It’s a celebration of couture and the people and the humanity," he quoted to prominent media.